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Samedi, 7 Novembre 2015 - Non classé

Pioneers from yesterday to today's generation reflects this cycle, through nearly 80 new films, cinematography between tradition and modernity. Intimate movies and genre films, melodramas and thrillers impactful: Korean cinema has not finished surprising you!
Capital of South Korea, Seoul focuses all energies, "vampirizes" all possible stories and falls, logically, as the preferred framework of Korean cinema.
It is partly this discovery -and many others - Seoul Hypnotic invites the viewer. We'll see how the kind inspired the filmmakers, making any Korean film melodrama in power.
> Opening night: Man on High Heels Jang Jin / Tuesday, September 15 at 20h
Preview hosted by Director (subject).
> Seoul theater, city mutant / Friday, September 18 at 18:30
CharlesTesson cinema courses (University Paris 3) .Entrée free, booking advised.
> The Road to Race Track Jang Sun-woo / Thursday, September 24 at 19h
Session presented by Stéphane of Mesnildot (Cahiers du Cinéma).
> Wanderings of Hong Sang-soo / Friday, September 25 at 18:30
Film course by Jérôme Baron (3 Continents Festival). Admission free, booking advised.
> Around the Cinema of Hong Sang-soo / Saturday, September 26th at 19h
Dialogue Claire Denis (filmmaker) and Charles Tesson (critical) led by Pierre Haski (Street 89). Admission free, booking advised.
> A free woman of Han Hyung-mo / Wednesday, September 30 at 19h
Session followed by a discussion with Valerie Gelézeau (EHESS).
[Source: paris.fr]

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