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Napoleon and Paris

Lundi, 27 Juillet 2015 - Nos Coups de coeurs

From 08 April to 30 August 2015, the Carnavalet Museum presents the exhibition Napoleon and Paris: Dreams of a capital. Main political theater of the Napoleonic era, Paris was also a major concern of the First Consul and Emperor. The aim of the exhibition is to illustrate the relationships maintained by Napoleon Bonaparte with the capital. Paris was the place where appeared in the most revealing day his dual identity as heir of the Enlightenment and of a new absolutism promoter. After recalling the Parisian stages of the Napoleonic era, from his youth until his second abdication, the exhibition will evoke the actors in the administration of then populated city of 600,000 inhabitants. In Paris conceived as the center of political, diplomatic and worldly "Grand Empire", the Tuileries Palace became the official residence of the emperor and welcomes the new court and the elite of Europe. Engineering director but also visionary, Napoleon dream big for Paris monuments and urban planning projects, which announce the major changes that will experience the capital under Napoleon III. The exhibition ends on remembrance that Napoleon left Paris, through monuments like the Vendome column, or the tomb of the emperor. Photo Credit: Jean-Antoine Alavoine Knight Projects for the fountain of the elephant Bastille Square towards 1809-1819. Watercolour 36 x 57 cm. © Musée Carnavalet / Roger-Viollet [Source: paris.fr]

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