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Come and discover in this article how First hated by Parisians, the Eiffel Tower is now recognized as the main symbol of Paris, which is inferior even to Notre Dame and Montmartre.

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The cheapest way up to the lower level (second floor) is on foot. You have to go up the stairs to a height of 150 metres. You can only reach the top of the tower by elevator. However, you can go down completely by the lift.

These combination tickets cannot be bought online in advance, but as those who want to walk up a little, there are practically no queues.

The cost of such a ticket :

- Adult - 19.40 euros,

- Young people (12-24 years old) - 9.70 euros,

- Children (4-11 years) - 4.90 euros,

Children under the age of three are free.

For those who want to visit the tower at the lowest cost, the network option without elevator to the top is available, i.e. only on foot via the stairs leading to the lower level. In this case the cost will be :

- Adult - 10.20 euros,

- Young people (12-24 years old) - 5.10 euros,

- Children (4-11 years) - 2.50 euros,

Children under the age of three are free.

The Eiffel Tower surprises me


You don't have to walk to the tower, you can take the elevator all the way up.

These tickets must be purchased in advance on the official website, which will avoid queuing for several hours.


Tickets are available for the lower level (€16.3 per adult, €8.10 per youth and €4.10 per child) and for the upper level (€25.5 per adult, €12.7 per youth and €6.40 per child).


You don't have to buy a ticket, you can reserve a table in one of the two restaurants located in the tower.

The Jules Verne restaurant, three stars in the Michelin guide, is on the second floor. The prices are high, but the view is appropriate. Until spring 2019, the restaurant is closed for renovation.

Restaurant "58", located on the ground floor, in the basement. There are two possibilities to dine there: a lunch service and a dinner service.

In both restaurants, prior reservation of tables is obligatory. Guests are transported by special elevators.

It is fast, convenient, delicious and expensive :)

By the way, there is a champagne bar at the top of the tower - if you climb to the top, you can feel like a king of the world with a glass of champagne in your hand ;)

The Eiffel Tower to surprise me


Another way to discover the city is to organize individual guided tours, which are open to travellers of all ages.

During a "Surprise me" guided tour, you will visit a host of unusual places that will make your trip unforgettable, filling it with adventure and discovery.

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