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Jean-pierre laffont : tumultuous america

Saturday, 7 November 2015 - Non classé

Photojournalist in search of his time, great storyteller, a tender and compassionate look, Jean Pierre Laffont has always been a magazine reporter apart. A kind of free spirit, unyielding to commands and more faithful to his own insatiable curiosity.
When he arrives in the US in 1965, Jean-Pierre Laffont is quick privileged to witness this controversial nation and photography three decades its political, between observing the fate of the powerful and tragic divisions of their civilization.
This America is above all his own: spontaneous and human dimension. In the intense picture he draws up, there are a host of events that have marked the years from 1960 to 1990, its heroes and heroines, captivating parade of unreached account or fanatics, and sometimes daily sometimes bitter liberation of a people that lives to the rhythm of its syncopations and its euphoria crises.
Today, his photographic odyssey, expanded iconic images, carry the weight of history and form a personal archive of episodes that have drawn the many faces of this country that it has adopted.

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