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The sea in Paris

Tuesday, 9 August 2016 - Paris Attractions

The catacombs ship into space and time to 20 meters underground and from 45 million years ... This exhibition aims to highlight a little known aspect of the site's geological heritage, treasure Parisian basement that flowed to Paris there is this 45millions years. The exhibition reveals the visitor traces of a time when Paris was occupied by a tropical sea, and invites us to discover fossils of animals and shellfish as well as geological formations that distinguish the different historical periods according irregularities in the earth's crust. Which now imagine that Paris was under water? Best known for housing the Paris municipal ossuary, the ancient stone quarries to build, commonly called "Catacombs", are now the only place in Paris where it is possible to tell the recent history of the Earth in situ.

Enjoy your parisian catacombs by staying in one of the most beautiful district of Paris, 5 minutes from the champ Elysees: 


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