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The winner of the Grand Prize for best baguette in 2015

Saturday, 28 March 2015 - News

The winner of the Grand Prize for best baguette in 2015 viewmultimediadocument Djibril Bodian, artisan baker at the bakery "Le Grenier à Pain", located 38 rue des Abbesses (18th). Thursday March 26, the jury, chaired by Olivia Polski, Assistant to the Mayor in charge of trade, crafts and professions unveiled the top 10 best craftsmen bakers. Exceptional in the history of this competition, the 231 rods filed on the same morning, Mr. Djibril Bodian won for the second time the award for best baguette in Paris (award-winning in 2010). This demonstrates the quality and consistency of his work for the delight of Parisian and Parisians. For a year, the wand will be delivered every morning at the Elysee while continuing to delight the residents, and elsewhere! Back on the Grand Prix baguette All artisan bakers in the capital were invited to participate in the Grand Prix of the 2015 baguette, organized in partnership with the Professional Chamber of Bakers-Confectioners Artisans de Paris, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne. Composed of 15 members, the jury this year were professionals, users drawn, Virginia BASSELOT, Best Craftsman in France in 2015 and head cook at the starry St. James (Paris 16th), William GOMEZ, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2004 and chef of the Élysée Palace and Antonio TEIXEIRA, 2014 winner of the Grand Prix of the Wand. The rods were judged on five specific criteria: - Cooking, - Taste, - Crumb, - Odor - Appearance. The deposited products were also measured between 55 and 65 cm, weighing between 250 and 300 grams and having a salt content of a level of 18 grams per kilogram of flour. The winner will receive a prize of € 4,000 and will have the privilege of becoming the official supplier of the Elysée for one year. Published by order of ranking, the top 10 best craftsmen bakers of the competition is as follows: All winners of the Grand Prize for best baguette in 2015 1. Mr. Djibril BODIAN - 38 rue des Abbesses (18th) 2. Mr. Sami BOUATTOUR - 193 rue de Tolbiac (13th) 3. HURE - 150 avenue Victor Hugo (16th) 4. Mr. Christian VABRET and Philippe Samões - 30 rue d'Alesia (14th) 5. Jacky RENOUF - 249 Boulevard Voltaire (11th) 6. Mr Régis CHEVANT - 152 avenue de Versailles (16th) 7. Mr. Charles Didier TCHOUASSI - 63 rue de Turbigo (3rd) 8. Ex Aequo Jean-José PHILIPPE - 25 Avenue de Saint-Ouen (17th) Ex Aequo The Eiffel Delicacies - 187 rue de Grenelle (7th) 9. Mr. Abdallah MOURAG - 85 rue Saint-Dominique (7th) 10. Mr. Guillaume DELCOURT - 100 rue Boileau (16th) The award ceremony will be attended by the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, at the 20th edition of the traditional festival of bread on the steps of Our Lady of 8 to 17 May 2015. [Source:]

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