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Visiting Paris: a real delight for gourmets

Friday, 6 March 2020 - Exhibitions / Events

Paris is the capital of French gastronomy. Cuisine for gourmets in a plate full of elegance. Perfect for lovers of presentation and excellent for those looking for flavor. Exceptional condiments can be mixed thanks to delicious recipes, served in renowned restaurants or more discreet cafés. Chocolates, desserts, cheeses, whole meals or to be eaten on the fingertips, Paris is to be enjoyed without moderation.


To visit Paris is to eat well

To taste French specialities in the kitchen, just visit Paris and sit down to eat. On the menu, you will be surprised to find some local meats, cheeses from the mountains, or herbs from Provence. Greediness is not a question of quantity. It's above all about style, flavours and elegance, as the chef at the Hôtel Saint Honoré Paris does. A restaurant in Paris is a real journey into the world of taste. When you visit the city, you may come across a small sign in front of a small alleyway that can make you taste great dishes.


Paris, a true tourism for the taste buds

Of course, we must not forget that this is a capital city. A world capital, moreover. From sushi to kebabs, pizzas and burgers, the restaurants are as cosmopolitan as the population. International cuisine is well represented. The menu can go in any direction, depending on the house that serves you: what you get in the Hotel Saint Honoré Paris may be different from what you'll get in the Bristol de Paris, which is a few streets away. Spices and sauces whet the appetite, and cooks compete in ingenuity to surprise our taste buds. But in the middle of it all, French gastronomy stands out. Its refinement exploits the taste and highlights a unique gustatory know-how.


Parisian cuisine: a delight for gourmets

Paris is like a great kitchen: a real delight for gourmets. As we said, you can find everything there. But above all, you can't eat everything, there's so much to taste. You could refer to the guides and directories known in the world of catering and tourism. But beware, sometimes you have to book in advance, especially in large establishments that have several stars. Sometimes it's better to be surprised. Near the unmissable monuments and cultural establishments, there are always good tables waiting for visitors.


A hotel to visit the delights of Paris

The 8th arrondissement is an ideal place for a gustative tour of Parisian specialities. This is where the Hotel Saint Honoré Paris is located. In addition to being very close to the essential monuments not to be missed when visiting the city, it is also very close to many restaurants. After a stroll along the Champs-Élysées, you can, for example, go to Copenhagen. There is also the Orangerie, in the avenue George V, or the Gaigne in the rue de Vienne.

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